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News archive

07-06-2017. New working paper online: Forecasting Turnout at UK Elections, joint work with Andreas Murr.

03-05-2017. New publication online: Political Advertising on the Wikipedia Marketplace of Information, joint work with Sascha Göbel.

01-05-2017. Our forecasting platform for the 2017 German Bundestag election just went online at

01-03-2017. Happy to start working at Heike Klüver's Chair of Comparative Political Behavior at Humboldt University of Berlin!

02-02-2017. New research project funded! Over the next two years, I'll be working on a project to study citizen and elite activity on Wikipedia. The project is generously funded by Daimler and Benz Foundation.

10-12-2016. New research project funded! Together with Pablo Barberá, Andrew Guess, and JungHwan Yang I'll be working on a large-scale web survey and tracking project to study media exposure and opinion formation in an age of information overload. The project is generously funded by the VolkswagenStiftung.

16-08-2016. New working paper online: "Examining a Most Likely Case for Strong Campaign Effects: Hitler's Speeches and the Rise of the Nazi Party, 1927-1933", joint work with Peter Selb.

26-07-2016. I'll be teaching a one-day workshop on web scraping with R at this year's JSM in Chicago. Check out the course materials here.

04-04-2016. Excited to start working at the MZES in the data and methods unit!

22-01-2016. New working paper online: "Political Advertising on the Wikipedia Market Place of Information", joint work with Sascha Göbel.

18-11-2015. "Measuring Political Knowledge in Web-Based Surveys", joint work with Peter Selb, online now: online.

17-10-2015. New working paper on measuring issue attention with Wikipedia article statistics online.

15-09-2015. Finally online: Michael Herrmann, Simon Munzert, and Peter Selb. "Determining the Effect of Strategic Voting on Election Results." Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A. Supporting materials available here.

10-08-2015. An electronic version of my dissertation just went online.

13-07-2015. On my way to the ESRA conference in Reykjavik, where I give talks on forecasting turnout at UK elections and measuring issue attention with Wikipedia article statistics.

12-06-2015. I gave a presentation on electoral consequences of turnout at the meeting of the AK Wahlen in lovely Düsseldorf. Slides available here.

27-05-2015. I talked about how to use Wikipedia page view statistics to measure issue salience at the WEBDATANET conference in beautiful Salamanca. Slides available here.

26-03-2015. I'll be teaching a two-day workshop on web scraping with R at the lovely University of Bamberg. Slides and code available on GitHub.

19-01-2015. New post on the ADCR blog on how to program a Twitter bot using R.

16-12-2014. I gave an Interview on the making of the ADCR book over there at